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Experian Review

Experian review of business and customer services offered by Experian. Find out more about the Experian credit reporting company. How they use their information, education, and read Experian reviews by other users. Learn more about Experian.

A credit bureau is an entity that gathers and then compiles information on credit history. There are three major credit bureaus in the United States. One of them is Experian.

Experian has been around for more than 30 years. Experian is well known for its innovations and the way that it has embraced technology. Indeed, Experian was the first credit bureau in the United States to offer online credit report access to consumers. This was a major breakthrough in terms of allowing consumers better control over their own financial information.

Additionally, Experian led the way in providing the three bureau credit report online, allowing customers to see all three reports in one place, via the Internet. This advance further helped pave the way for greater consumer education regarding credit and financial histories.

Consumer services offered by Experian

Since it was the first to offer online credit reports, it is no surprise that this is a prominent offering by Experian. An Experian credit report can include credit score for a reasonable fee added on. And, of course, due to a law enacted by Congress a few years ago, Experian must provide at least one free credit report per year to each consumer. Other consumer services offered by Experian include:

3 Bureau Credit Report with Score: This is a credit report that includes information from all three major credit bureaus. It also comes with your Experian credit score. You can get the other credit scores for an additional fee.
Experian National Score Index: This is a service that allows you to put your credit report into perspective by allowing comparisons between your credit score and other consumers' scores.
Vehicle history reports: If you are buying (or even selling) a car, it is possible to purchase a vehicle history report. This can help you see whether a car has been in an accident, or whether it is likely to have suffered damage from such things as floods and tornadoes.
Business Snapshot reports: A Business Snapshot can give you an idea of how a business is doing, and the kinds of complaints or praise that is associated with a business.

Business services offered by Experian

Most credit bureaus offer business services as well as consumer services. Indeed, most credit bureaus have been offering services to businesses since before offering widespread consumer services became common. Experian is no exception. Experian offers services with regard to Credit, Marketing and Automotive. These services can help businesses check the credit of customers, and it can help them target their advertising and marketing to those who are most likely to qualify for their products and services.

Education tools offered by Experian

It is also possible to tap into a wide range of information and tools from Experian. The Experian Web site is filled with helpful hints and information on credit related subjects. There is information on improving your credit score, tips for shopping for cars and for credit cards and identity theft prevention ideas and how-tos.

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