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TransUnion Review

TransUnion review of consumer and business services offered by TransUnion. Find out more about the TransUnion credit reporting company. How they use their information and read TransUnion reviews by other users. Learn more about TransUnion.

When it comes to figuring out what is in your credit report and if others want to know whether or not you are creditworthy a credit reporting agency is needed. And one of the three major credit reporting agencies (or bureaus) in the United States is TransUnion.

TransUnion was founded in 1968, and since then has been offering credit related services to consumers and to businesses. While not the first to offer access to credit reports online, TransUnion nevertheless offered its own innovation. The company was the first to offer an online data storage and retrieval system that lenders could access. This development provided quick and accurate access to credit information, playing a role in dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to be approved for major purchases like cars and homes.

Consumer services offered by TransUnion

Like the other two major credit bureaus, TransUnion is required by law to provide each consumer with one free credit report each year, and a free report if a credit application is denied by something that was reported by TransUnion. But, in addition to these free credit reports, there are other consumer services offered by TransUnion:

3-in-1 credit report: This allows you access to your credit report from all of the three major credit bureaus. For a fee, you can look at all of the information contained in your different credit files. This can be helpful, since the credit bureaus may no always have exactly the same information.
Credit monitoring services: For a monthly or a yearly fee, it is possible to get credit monitoring services from TransUnion. TransUnion will monitor the information in your credit report and let you know if something negative appears, or if something potentially fraudulent is on your report.
Credit score: It is also possible to pay a relatively small fee to see your TransUnion credit score. For a little more, you can view your credit scores from all three major credit bureaus. This can be helpful, since it actually your credit score that most lenders look at first.

Also, TransUnion has information for consumers regarding credit, and how to build a good credit history. There are also resources that provide answers to common (and even not so common) credit questions. There are also other tools that can help you take better charge of your credit and your personal financial history.

Business services offered by TransUnion

In addition to offering consumer credit services, TransUnion has business credit services. Some of the services offered by TransUnion in terms of business help include:

Fraud prevention: Security and extra checks to reduce fraudulent purchase.
Risk management: Ways of helping businesses manage their risk in terms of credit and fraud.
Marketing: Helping you market your business through special offers and credit information.
Customer identification: It is possible to purchase lists of customers that fit certain eligibility requirements so that you can better and more cost efficiently target customers.

TransUnion is truly innovative in its approach to credit and credit related services, providing access to important financing information, and provided necessary business services.

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