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Our review contains information on offers such as credit basics, what's in a credit report, know your credit score, maintaining healthy credit, credit myths quiz, and public service announcements concerning your credit.

One of the best things you can do for your financial health is to have a good idea of how credit works. You should know why your credit is important, how it is used, and how to have healthy credit. One site that can help you get a handle on your credit and learn how to take better care of it is is a Web site that offers a number of tools to help you better understand your credit. It is a site sponsored by the Consumer Bankers Foundation, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, and the Ad Council. Additionally, banks like HSBC, SunTrust, Wachovia, National City and Citigroup are also contributing to the site. The idea is to empower you as a consumer to learn more about how credit works so that you can make better credit decisions, and stay financially fit.

Here are some of the features that has to offer:

  • Credit basics: An overview of all the basics of credit. This section includes information about what to look for in a credit card, the fine print to read, and information about types of credit, your credit history and the importance of credit. There is also a credit literacy quiz that can help you figure out where you are in terms of your credit knowledge.
  • What's in a credit report: This section is very informative. It covers just about everything you need to know about what is in your credit report, how it gets there and how you can access your credit report. There is also a very educational and informative look at the practice of "phishing", which can help you protect against identity theft.
  • Know your credit score: If you are interested in learning about your credit score (and you should be), there is a section about it on This section tells you how your credit score is figured, and where you can go to get your score. There are also tips for improving your score, an interactive to-do list, and inspiring stories of people who turned their credit around.
  • Maintaining healthy credit: Once you know the basics, and you are working on improving your credit, you should know how to maintain a health credit score. helps you learn how to properly manage your credit, and offers a common sense approach to truly fixing your credit. This section also provides information on bankruptcy, credit counseling agencies, another to-do list and frequently asked questions. There are also helpful links to additional credit resources.
  • Credit myths quiz: Like the credit literacy quiz, this is a great quiz that can help you figure out where you stand. It can give you a general idea of whether or not you understand some of the basics of credit, and can give you a clue as to where to start.
  • PSAs: Finally, has some of the public service announcements than have been run to encourage people to learn more about their credit. These are interesting and even somewhat entertaining.

The bottom line is that is a great resource. It can help you learn more about credit, and understand what you can do to improve your own credit.

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