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Dave Ramsey Review

Dave Ramsey is a very controversial financial advisor who hosts a radio show. This article has information on Dave Ramsey's biography. Also, learn about Dave Ramsey programs and books: The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University.

One of the most controversial figures in the world of personal finance is Dave Ramsey. He has a very successful radio program that features who call in and scream loudly about overcoming debt. He also gives financial advice and encourages people to live without credit cards. Even though he has been very successful, there are critics who accuse him of being rather simplistic in his advice. Additionally, his statements about never using credit cards have been attacked by other financial advisers who say that credit cards can be used responsibly. There was a flap over Ramsey's use of fictional "readers" posing questions for some of his newspaper columns. However, many people have been helped by Ramsey, his radio show and his personal finance programs.

Dave Ramsey biography

Ramsey grew up in Tennessee, and received a degree in Finance and Real Estate at the University of Tennessee. He was one of the youngest brokers in Tennessee to be accepted by the Graduate Realtors Institute. By the age of 26, Ramsey had amassed a real estate portfolio totaling $4 million and had his own firm, Ramsey Investments, Inc. However, much of this success was highly leveraged. Ramsey had a great deal of debt in order to fund his ventures and it eventually came crashing down. In the mid-1980s, Ramsey filed for bankruptcy and decided he would never borrow money again.

From there, it is plain to see that he changed the way he did things and began offering advice to others. He put together step-by-step plans for achieving financial freedom and began counseling couples and individuals on money. One of the hallmarks of Ramsey's advice is that he roots it in religion. He often puts things in Christian terms, and has been known to stress charitable giving as a part of proper financial planning.

Dave Ramsey programs

Dave Ramsey has two main programs that are highly recognized: The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University. While there are other books, programs and foundations set up by Ramsey, the most famous remain the two:

  1. The Total Money Makeover is a book about changing your financial habits and getting out of debt. Ramsey offers this book on special in a package with audio lessons. Cash Flow Planning and Dumping Debt work hand in hand with The Total Money Makeover. The lessons include help with developing and sticking to a budget, as well as learning to live a debt-free lifestyle.
  2. Financial Peace University is based on Biblical lessons about money. Ramsey is a Christian and often includes a religious angle to his financial advice. Financial Peace University is a 13-week course that is taught on video. Many churches across the country have teachers that present Financial Peace University in special sessions. There is also a version aimed at teenagers.

Ramsey is also associated with the Lampo Group, Inc., which helps people overcome financial problems. He also created Share It! with his wife, Sharon. Share It! is aimed at helping non-profits that help others, including domestic violence shelters, rehab centers, housing and financial literacy efforts.

Not everyone agrees with Ramsey's financial advice. However, it is possible to get some good ideas and some budget planning techniques from Dave Ramsey's radio show and the programs he offers. As usual with personal finance advice, it is important that you evaluate your situation and decide which advice works best for you.

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