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Suze Orman Review

Suze Orman is one of the best known financial advisors. This article includes Suze Orman's biography and reviews some of Suze Orman's products and services such as Suze Orman's Insurance Kit, Will and Trust Kit, Identity Theft Kit, and FICO Kit.

One of the most well-known personal finance gurus is Suze Orman. She has her own television show on CNBC and has authored six bestsellers on money. Orman was also just selected (in 2008) as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. It is no surprise, with the current state of the economy, that Orman is increasing in popularity. Her most recent book is Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan.

Suze Orman biography

Orman comes from a working class background. Her parents, immigrants, ran a deli in Chicago's Hyde Park. Orman has a degree in social work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She moved to California sometime after college. For a while, she worked as a waitress. Orman even lived for a few months out of van. Orman's dream was to own a restaurant, and she received a $50,000 loan for this purpose. She invested it with a Merrill Lynch broker, who illegally scammed her. Flat broke, she decided to enter a training program with Merrill Lynch to become an account executive. She knew that she couldn't open a restaurant at that time -- and that she would never be able to pay back her loan working as a waitress.

Suze Orman passed her stockbroker training. She learned that the man who swindled her had been acting illegally and sued Merrill Lynch. She got her $50,000 back, plus interest, and repaid the customer who had originally loaned her the money. Merrill Lynch, far from being bitter about the incident, was impressed enough to hire her on. Orman also worked at Prudential Bache Securities before founding her financial planning firm, Suze Orman Financial Group. She left her planning firm when she became a successful author.

Now, Orman endorses a number of products and services, and dispenses advice via her cable TV show. She has also helped with PBS specials, and won Emmys for her work. She also writes columns for a number of publications.

Suze Orman products and services

Suze Orman has become a personal finance brand. Many people trust her, and use the products and services that she has developed and/or endorses. Indeed, there are a few products and services that you can access online. However, you need to purchase them and receive a password to access the online versions. Here are some of the products and services that are offered with the Suze Orman brand:

Suze Orman's Insurance Kit: This is designed to help you plan out what kind of insurance you need, as well as how much coverage you require. The insurance kit can help you figure out what you need in terms of: home, life, auto, disability and long-term care insurance. Additionally, there is a disaster simulator and a home inventory tracker that can help you keep records of your belongings.

Will and Trust Kit: Many people are daunted by the prospect of planning. If you need to protect your family, you can set up a will and/or trust to ensure that your assets are properly distributed. There are a number of forms in the kit that can help you set up your will or trust. The questionnaire purports to help you find the documents that you need in order to get the right, personal legal paperwork done. It is important to note, however, that you will need to have these properly notarized. And it is probably a good idea to have a legal professional look over the paperwork when you are done.

Identity Theft Kit: While this is a nice thing to have in terms of a checklist, all of the items in this kit can be taken care of yourself. The kit also comes with a credit alert program to keep you up to date with your credit (something you can do with the major credit bureaus, or even on your own with help from But for those who are unsure about where to begin, this can be helpful. The kit comes with credit card number and bank account number scanning, address scanning, medical record protection, annual credit reports and help with placing a fraud flag, among other things.

FICO Kit Platinum: This Suze Orman branded kit is meant to personal features that allow you to get on track and keep track of your FICO score and your credit reports. The kit comes with helpful programs that can allow you to plan to eliminate debt, create a plan to improve your credit score, set up bill pay reminders, coach you through saving money on home mortgage loans and auto loans, as well as providing a place for you to store your information where you can access it online from anywhere. Like the other products and services, this is all stuff you can do yourself. But it is sometimes nice to be able to have it all laid out for you. This is a service that requires you to make annual payments in order to keep it current.  CLICK HERE to purchase Suze Orman's FICO Kit Platinum.

Suze Orman offers some good advice, and some helpful services. However, it is up to you to decide whether it works for your individual situation.

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