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Best Credit Cards

Every credit card company claims to have the best credit card offers. But, how do you know whether their offer is the best credit card for you? This article will help you sort out the pros and cons of credit card offers, and show you how to compare credit cards.

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One thing it is almost impossible to do without is a credit card. With wise use, credit cards can provide you with emergency funds, and they can be a great financial resource – assuming that you have a good rewards program, and that you exercise fiscal responsibility in your credit spending. The key, though, is to be choosy about your cards. Only apply for and use the best credit cards.

Comparing the best credit cards

The first thing you need to do is to compare the best credit cards. Comparing credit cards will allow you to find what you want in terms of rewards, rates and lower fees. Here are some of the things to look for when doing an initial comparison to find the best credit cards:

  • Interest rate. First of all, you want to check the interest rate. The higher the rate, the more you will pay if you carry a balance. Additionally, you should look whether you are seeing an introductory rate. You should try to get a lower intro rate, as well as an intro rate that lasts a fairly substantial length of time. Realize that cash advance interest rates are usually different – and higher – than standard purchase rates.
  • Fees. The best credit cards have no annual fee. If you are looking at a credit card that requires an annual fee, move on. There are plenty of cards that do not have these fees. Other fees to be mindful of include balance transfer fees and late payment fees.
  • Credit limit. Consider potential credit limit. Are you concerned about spending too much? Then look for a credit card that has a lower limit. However, if you want a more generous credit line, avoid the stingier credit card issuers.
  • Customer service. You should also check into customer service. You can usually check with the Better Business Bureau, or even do a Google search of the credit card issuer. Find out what is being said about the company, and choose an issuer that is more likely to provide a reasonable level of customer service.

Comparing best credit cards reward programs

One of the most important reasons that people get credit cards is for the rewards. When choosing a rewards card, you should consider your lifestyle, as well as your individual needs. It is vital that you look at what you are most likely to use, and look for companies that offer reward programs that are easy to redeem. You should also compare how rewards points are earned. Some credit card issuers offer higher point values for gas purchases, and others have special points earnings for groceries. Others have special promotions that allow you to get double points at some merchants. Check into the program to make sure that it fits with your lifestyle.

Redemption is a big thing with credit card rewards programs. The best credit cards offer rewards programs that allow easy redemption. You should look for rewards that can be redeemed for a number of items: travel, cash, merchandise, gift cards, etc. The best credit cards will allow you to choose which things to redeem your points for, rather than requiring you to lock in only gas rewards or only airline miles.

The important thing to remember about rewards, however, is that they are only useful if you do not carry a balance. You need to pay off your balance every month if you want your rewards to provide you with value. Otherwise, the interest that you pay will negate the value of the rewards.

Credit cards can be very helpful financial tools. However, there is no reason to get a card that doesn't fit your personal style, or offer you a good deal. If you have good credit, you can get a good credit card that will provide you a number of benefits without costing too much.

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